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My Top Five Most Important Issues:

  • Healthcare– I support a universal program that allows consumer choice for any doctor or hospital. Any person unable to afford insurance would be subsidized as current, by the government. Additionally to cut costs and save time, I support pharmacists having the ability to prescribe the lowest class of medicines. Individuals should not have to take the day off work and pay $100.00 to visit the doctor in order to have a prescription filled for a minor illness.
  • Jobs– If you build it they will come. Many of the reasons that Fortune 500 companies do not locate in West Virginia is the lack of infrastructure. Clean water, sewer and better schools will position us to compete for businesses in the future. I will continue to sponsor and pass bills to make infrastructure projects happen right here in Kanawha County so that the businesses and jobs will follow.
  • Education– As a father of two children, I place education as one of my highest priorities. I want to provide COLA’S to our teachers in order to keep and attract teachers of the highest caliber. Modernize our schools with the latest technology and procedures so our children are able to compete in today’s economy and most importantly, a zero-tolerance policy to kids bringing weapons to school. The safety of our children is the highest priority.
  • Crime– Over my years as a legislator I have passed many bills to cut crime here in Kanawha County. The bill that I am most proud of was Megan’s Law which I sponsored at the behest of Megan’s mother, Maureen Kanka. I support laws with enhanced penalties for crimes against the elderly (both mentally and physically), handicapped and children, to keep these most heinous of crimes from ever happening again.
  • Taxes– I strongly oppose any additional taxes here in West Virginia and I strongly support the gradual repeal of the food tax in as fiscally responsible manner as possible. Additionally, we need to step-up our efforts to collect taxes that are on the books for corporate thieves.